Rev Albert Chard document collection

Rev Chard Collection

This collection of disparate documents was rescued from a municipal dump facility in the 1970s, and consists of deeds, church documents and parish papers. A number of the papers seem to concern or be from the collection of Rev’d Albert Jesse Gauntlett Chard, who served as rector at Figheldean with Milston, and at Holy Trinity Dorchester, both within the diocese of Salisbury.

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Chard 001/       002/        003

A faded photograph of a reverend gentleman. The image measures 10 * 12cms, and is adhered to a somewhat stained board of 20 * 28cm. There is no notation upon it. I would suggest that this image is of an ancestor of the Rev Chard, and dates probably from the turn of the 20th Century.


Chard 004/005/006

A Draft docket of submission to the Charity Commission regarding a planned development of property in the parish of Holy Trinity Dorchester, and the borrowing and rearrangement of funds to enable it. It is dated as received 8th March 1893. The document measures 20 * 33cm.


Chard 007/008/009/010

A Charity Commission docket 2435/82 dated November 1882, concerning the statement and application received by them 14th Aug 1882 regarding the charity of certain property in Pease Lane, Dochester. The document measures 20 * 33cm, and is on thick paper.


Chard 011

A Charity Commission document pertaining to Holy Trinity Dorchester and dated 8th May 1914, pertaining to the Ashley Charity and the investment of £500 in the purchase of £499.19 worth of Canada 4 per Cent Stock 1940-1960. The document measures 20 * 33cm.


Chard 012

A Charity Commion Order docket sealed 24th April 1914, ordering that the monies in the Ashlet Charity – a bequest from Miss Margaret Jane ashley – be invested in stocks. The document is 20 * 33cm.


Chard 013

Letter dated 9th May 1914 to Mr Kinlock from wilts and Dorset Bank pertaining to the order for handling the Ashley Charity funds. It measures 28 * 20cm.


Chard 014

Letter to Mr Kinlock dated 29th April 1914 noting remittance of funds of the Ashley Charity. The document measures 12.5 * 20cm.


Chard 015/              016

A written printed receipt dated 9th August 1892 from the Charity Commission to Rev H Everett, Rectory, Dorchester. A signature on the frontispiece is of a W G Gauntlett, perhaps a relation of the younger Rev Chard. the document measures 17 * 21cm.


Chard 017/            018/             019

A mandate of Induction, signed and sealed by Neville Lovett Bishop of Sarum, formalising the investiture of A J G Chard to the Benefice of Figheldean with Milston, Wilts, dated 24th August 1943. The document measures 34 * 21cm.


Chard 020

A docket of receipt from stockbrokers Bower & Wrey of 62 London Wall, London EC2, dated 23rd July 1928, on behalf of Rector and Churchwardens of Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, for investment of 2 * £500 in Consolidated Stocks. The document measures 20 * 25.5cm.


Chard 021

An invitation Card dated 24th January 1929 from the HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught and the Governors of the Middlesex Hospital, inviting the Rev A J G Chard and friend on the occasion of a visit by Her Majesty Queen Mary for the purpose of laying a Foundation Stone to the New Nurses Home. The card measures 20 * 16cm.


Chard 022/023/024/025

Booklet of Order of Service for the Laying Up of the old colours of the 4th Battalion of the Dorset Regmt TA in Sherborne Abbey 28th Oct 1956. A featured name is that of Rev A J G Chard. The booklet is of 6 pages, and measures 14 * 22cm.


Chard 026-039

Dorchester Holy Trinity Church Magazine September 1950, featuring a brief letter to readers from new incumbent A J G Chard. The magazine is in b/w, of 10 pages plus covers, and features various poor quality photo-repro images with a variety of articles. It measures 18 * 24cm.


Chard 040-053

Dorchester Holy Trinity Church Magazine July 1953, rector the Rev’d A J G Chard. The magazine is in b/w, of 12 pages plus covers, and features various poor quality photo-repro images with a variety of articles. It measures 18 * 24cm.


Chard 054

Two notes of receipt from Lloyd’s Bank Limited, Dochester dated 24th July 1928, to Rector and Churchwardens of Holy Trinity Dorchester, concerning investements in stocks. The documents both measure 12.5 * 20cm.


Chard 055/    056/     057/     058

A faculty document authorising the purchase of a portion of land fronting Holy Trinity Dorchester, dated 1st August 1945. It measures 24 * 37cm of four sides.


Chard 059/    060/    061/     062

A document and plan declaring true definition of the property held by Robert Williams in Pease Lane, Dorchester, from the parish of Holy Trinity Dorchester, in the occupation of Widow Hicks and James Spencer, dated 21st Jan 1859. The document measures 32 * 52cm and comprises text and detailed plan of the property.


Chard 063/    064/     065/      066/     067

A deed of lease for property of Blacksmith Shop and Garden in North Square Dorchester, from the Churchwardens of Holy Trinity Dorchester to Mr S G Hodges, dated 18th March 1892. This document measures 31 * 47cm.


Chard 068/    069/    070

A deed of lease of property in Dorchester from the Churchwardens of Holy Trinity Dorchester to Robert Williams, dated 21st June 1844. This large document measures 75 * 58cm.



The Diary of …. Thomas Price, London, 1861

This weblog contains images of an old diary that was found in a municipal waste bin some years ago. Dated 1861 it concerns a gentleman named Thomas Price in London, who seems to record basically his finances, hints of his working life, hints of his domestic unhappiness, and records of how much beer he has drunk.  It is somewhat of a Pooter diary, and he is somewhat of a Nobody, but I do not live in London and cannot therefore research into this one man’s life and relatives.

I have now re-scanned the diary at 600dpi, and have uploaded the images to the site.

Here is a link to a wordpad document of my transcription of the diary.

Renshaw Diary transcript wordpad version

Here is a newspaper report for the coroner’s inquest into the accidental deaths of Ethel and Elsie Price, infant daughters of Thomas Price’s son Charles, which occurred in 1903 near Salisbury.